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Packard Bell LCD Replacement

2011 is a year which will be focused on saving money wherever possible. This could mean trying to repair or salvage broken or damaged items instead of simply throwing them out and buying a replacement brand new. An example of where this could seriously save you money is with laptop screens.

They are totally integral to the machine; without a fully working one, it can be tricky to operate your computer, but as it happens, they are also one of the most fragile parts of the laptop, seeming always to attract misfortune. Whether it’s from being carried by the screen or being accidentally knocked or dropped in transit, dead pixels or a crack, this can make it hard to work on your computer or stop the screen working altogether.

The video tutorial below will put you through to how to replace Packard Bell Laptop Screen. The instruction can be used for most of the Packard Bell series including broken Packard Bell Easynote LJ61, TJ61, TJ68 screens.

Replacement laptop screens will not only fix breakages, they can give your computer a new lease of life.  With your new screen, you may find that colours are more vibrant and images sharper.  If your laptop is compatible, you could even upgrade to a new high definition screen, enabling you to enjoy images in the highest quality imaginable. Check out or latest blog posts.


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