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Saturday, 23 August 2014

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Toshiba Satellite C50-A, 19T, 146, A157 Laptop Screen Replacement

The Toshiba Satellite C50-A Screens comes in touch and non touch screen types and they can easily crack when dropped on the floor or picked up aggressively when holding the LCD monitor.

To replace the C50-A Toshiba Satellite cracked screen all you need is a screwdriver and a flat piece of plastic to allow you open the laptop bezel.

Before doing this job you need to determine whether all you need is a replacement LED or more work needs doing on the computer. And also look for the right screen for the laptop before starting the repair. Screens can be found below:

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Follow the replacement instruction with care on the video provided.

1. Before starting the replacement first rid your laptop of any excess electric charges by removing the notebook battery. Hold the power button for about 3 seconds to make sure that the excess charges are totally removed from the laptop.

2. The Satellite C50 laptops do not come with screws in the bezel. So simply use a flat object to carefully remove the screen bezel.

3. Use a precision Philips screwdriver to remove the three screws on each sides of the hinge arms to free the screen from the frame.

4. Place the screen facedown on the keyboard revealing the area where the cable is connected to the back of the screen.

5. The screen cable is held down with a clear tape. Carefully raise the tape and pull the screen cable connector away from the socket.

The instruction should now be carried out in reverse to fit a new one.