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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Alienware M11X Laptop Screen Replacement

The Alienware M11X notebook laptop, tough and full of advanced computer technology is a reliable and durable laptop. However, like every other everyday use laptops it is susceptible to crack or break when accidentally dropped. I will show you how to replace an Alienware M11X defective laptop screen easily.

The Alienware M11X laptop comes with a slimline 11.6 inch LED widescreen display monitor with resolution of 1366 x 768. To replace the screen can be a daunting task for most people.

Find the Alienware M11X Screen at the link below
Alienware M11x Screen

Alienware M11X Laptop with cracked screen
The first thing to do before replacing the screen of the Alienware M11X Laptop is to remove the battery. This is very important in all laptop repair process as failure to do this may cause the laptop to malfunction even more.

Use a flat screwdriver or any flat object to start pulling the screen front bezel as shown in the image on the left.

Continue to move the flat object between the screen back cover and the bezel to fully seperate them.

Close the laptop slightly as on the image on the right and with the aid of a flat screwdriver pull free the end of the plastic cover as shown on the image on the right.

You can now fully remove the plastic bezel carefully.

Remove the screw holding the screen to the backcover. Click on the image on the right to enlarge.

Pull the screen bracket carefully to free the screen fully.

Please the screen facedown and at this time the screen cable and part number will be visible. The Alienware M11X laptop comes with LP116WH2-TLC1, B116XW01 or LTN116AT02. Because the Alienware laptops are made by Dell the screen DP/N number will be ODWVMD or 0DWVMD.

Disconnect the screen cable but first remember to peel the clear tape holding it down.

At this point the screen removal process is complete. Do the same in reverse to install a new screen.


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