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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dell XPS L501x, L502x, L701x, L702x Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial you will learn how to disassemble and replace broken laptop screens on Dell XPS L501x, L502x, L701x, L702x Laptop Notebooks. You can also use this Dell instruction to fit a new screen if you have noticed your screen flickering or you can see defect lines on it. The Dell XPS L501x, L502x, laptop come with 15.6 inch HD WLED display monitor panel while the  L701x, L702x is 17.3 inch when measured diagonally. The above mentioned will have models: 501x, 502x, 701x, 702x as official dell laptop models.

Before starting the screen replacement make sure you have the right screen to install. See the links to the right screens below:

Dell XPS L501x Screen
Dell XPS L502x Screen
Dell XPS L701x Screen
Dell XPS L702x Screen

Broken Dell XPS L501x Screen

Remove L501x Laptop Battery

The First and important thing is to remove the Dell XPS laptop battery before starting the replacement.

Remove Dell Screen Bezel

Dell XPS L501x, L502x, L701x and L702x laptop mostly will not come with any screws in the bezel. All that is needed to remove the bezel is to put your finger between the screen and the plastic bezel and pull carefully until it released. Do this on all sides of the laptop.

Pull gently to remove bezel

The bezel of the Dell XPS L501x, L502x, L701x amd L702x laptops are very fragile and pulling too hard may snap it. So the best trick is to pull firmly but not too hard.

Remove the LCD screws

By successfully removing the bezel you the internal part of the screen is now accessible. At the top two sides of the screen remove the screws holding it to the back cover and keep them safely.

On the two bottom sides there will be 2 or 3 screws. Unscrew them to free the screen arms totally from the back cover.

Place the XPS L502x screen face-down

At this point the screen can now be lowered to reveal the screen cables and LED connection. This area must be handled with care.

The Dell XPS L501x, L502x, L701x, L702x laptop screen will carry the manufacturer part number at the back and as Dell do not make these screens you will find part numbers belonging to Samsung, LG Philips, Chi Mei Innolux, Chunghwa or AUO AU Optronics. These are the major laptop screen panel manufacturers. Below are the manufacturer numbers you may see and you can also use these numbers to search for the right screen;

LP156WH2, LP156WH4 and LP173WD1 made by LG Philips
LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT17, LTN173KT01 made by Samsung
N156B6, N156BGE-L21, N173O6 made by Chi Mei Innolux
CLAA156WA11, CLAA156WA11A, CLAA173UA01A made by Chunghwa
B156XW02, B173RW01 made by AUO.

Remove Screen Side Screws

On the two sides of the screen remove all the screws holding the screen to the hinges arms and keep them safely.

Disconnect the Led cable. Note that sometimes this connection is held down by a clear tape. Raise and peel the clear tape with a flat screwdriver before disconnecting the cable.

The screen removal process is now complete. To install a new screen simply carry out the whole process backward (in reverse order).

Dell XPS screen replacement complete


Can I replace this screen using one from a DELL Inspiron 1545?

If the screen from the Dell Inspiron 1545 is 15.6 inch LED then yes it is compatible and replaceable with the Dell XPS L501x and L502x only. Good luck.

If I currently have a full HD 1080p "Matt" screen fitted,Can I purchase a glossy screen which is for the L702X and fit it straight in??

Yes you can. But first make sure of the screen part number before ordering from any retailer as the regular Dell Inspiron L702X comes with a 1600 x 900 resolution screen which is not a full HD.

Remove the screen, find the part number and use this number to order the right screen.

You can also comment with the part number here and I will be able to direct you. Good luck.

Is it possible to fit a full HD glossy screen on my dell xps l501x which has a 1366x768 HD? And would be any compatibility problem thanks

Thank you for your question. I really doubt if that can be done as we have not tested a full HD on the notebook. You need to contact Dell about it and they should be able to inform you if that will be possible for the L501X laptop.

I have Dell xps l702x non 3d (1600 x 900) screen.Is there any way to upgrade to full hd, purchasing a new screen,bezel and full led cable( & anything else) please?.Many thanks.

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