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Monday, 12 September 2011

Emachines E529 Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial you I will show you how to remove a broken screen of Emachines E529 Laptop Notebooks series. The above Emachines series screen display panel comes with 15.6 HD LED 16:9 Aspect ratio .

You may need to change the screen or inverter of your Emachines Emachines E529 laptop if one of the below occurs;

  • Emachines E529 laptop Screen Flickering
  • Emachines E529 Accidentally dropping and cracking Emachines laptop screen
  • Emachines E529 laptop Screen Showing lines and colours
  • Emachines E529 laptop has lost its backlight
Emachines e529 Laptop With Broken Screen
Below are links to the right replacement screen for the Emachine laptop series.

Emachines E529 Laptop Screen

The one thing that is very important in this replacement is that some people will find out that their laptop looks like the one at the Acer screen replacement in our blog. This is because some of the laptops recently branded Emachines are made by Acer. Example are Emachines E529, E442 and the E430.

The very first thing to do is to remove the battery from the laptop before starting the screen replacement.

Remove Emachines Laptop Battery

Next is to use a flat screwdriver to remove the screw covers from the plastic bezel as in the image below. The covers are made of plastic or rubber. Under the covers you will find the screws which must be removed as well.

Remove the Screw Covers

The image on the left shows how you will take the screw covers off which will then expose the screws holding down the bezel to the lower part of the laptop.

Remove Bezel Screws

Remove the screws from the Acer laptop after taking the cover off. This screw should be kept safely so as to not to mix it up with others.

Laptop Screen Bezel Removal

Place your fingers between the screen and the bezel as shown in the picture on the left and start pulling slightly on all the sides until the bezel is pulled free from the laptop. This needs to be done carefully as doing it wrongly or forcefully will result in snapping the bezel.

LCD Bezel Removal

The Emachines E529 bezel are very fragile and easy to snap so you must do this with care. You must not pull too hard.

After the plastic bezel is removed the next thing is to remove the two screws at the top and all the side screws on the sides as shown in the image. There are three screws on the sides holding the screen tight to the hinges arms. Make sure all the screws are well places so as not to have them mixed up.

Removing the side screws will then free the screen from the laptop leaving only the screen data cable left to deal with. This is the area where utmost care should be taken as the cables are very fragile and snapping it will require you to buy a new one.

Remove Screen Data Cable

As the Emachines E529 series laptop comes with LED screen. Carefully pull up the clear tape holding down this screen data cable and pull the data connectors apart. This must be done with care as any mistake may cause a permanent damage to the cable or the connector.

At this point you will have successfully removed the broken screen. To install a new one simply carry out the process in reverse.


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