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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Toshiba Satellite Pro L500, L500D, L650, L650D, L655, L655D Screen Replacement

As an everyday computing range, the Toshiba Satellite and Satellite Pro L500, L500D, L650, L650D, L655, L655D series are without a doubt some of the best sellers out there in the electronics market. Many have seen there laptops flickering or cracked with line bleeds after they have accidentally dropped them or closed the lid with an object on the keyboard area. Some have noticed lines, dark or black defects on screen.

Find your screen model from the links below:

Toshiba Satellite L500 Screen
Toshiba Satellite L500D Screen
Toshiba Satellite L650 Screen
Toshiba Satellite L650D Screen
Toshiba Satellite L655 Screen
Toshiba Satellite L655D Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L500D Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L650D Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L655 Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L655D Screen

In this tutorial you will learn how to dismantle and replace a broken or defective LCD screen on Toshiba Satellite or Satellite Pro L655, L655D, L650, L650D, L500, L500D laptop. These toshiba models come with 15.6 widescreens TFT. The L500 and L500D may come in LED or CCFL screen.

Below I have outlined the links to the Toshiba replacement screens. It is best to get the right screen before starting the repair.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 Broken Screen

(1) Remove the Toshiba laptop battery before starting.

(2) Use a flat screwdriver to remove the screwcovers from the plastic covering.

(3) Unscrew and remove all the screws from the front bezel.

(4) Remove the screen bezel by putting your fingers between it and the laptop screen and pull on all sides.

(5) Pull the screen slightly towards yourself and remove all the side screws from the brackets.

(6) Place the screen face-down and at this point you can see the screen display cable and the part number on the sticker.


The screen for the L500 and L500D CCFL screen type will look like B156XW01, LP156WH1, LTN156AT01 OR N156B3. While the L500, L500D LEDs, L650, L650D, L655, L655D screens will have part numbers B156XW02, LP156WH2, LTN156AT02 OR N156B6.

The screen on the RIGHT is CCFL. This only applies to the L500 and L500D series ONLY.

(7) Disconnect the screen display cable carefull. The connection is held with a clear tape. Remember to peel off the tape before disconnecting it.

The removal process is complete. To install a new screen simply carry out the process in reverse.

All the laptop screens for the Toshiba Satellite Pro L500, L500D, L650, L650D, L655, L655D series as explained above are interchangeable as long as you are replacing LED with LED and CCFL type with CCFL. Example is as below;

  •  B156XW01 can be used to replace LTN156AT01, LP156WH1 and N156B3. 
  • Same as LTN156AT02, LTN156AT05 and LTN156AT09 can be used to replace the B156XW02, LP156WH2, and N156B6.
All the Toshiba series come with hyphened numbers in all the labels at the bottom of the laptop. Note that this does not affect the type of screen in the laptop as the whole series come with the same screens. The hyphenated numbers will look like TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L500-19X laptop screen and below;

1D4, 1V0, 1VO, 1VZ, 1RG, 1VW, 1RJ, 1VX, 19W, 102, 12Q, 123, 12P, 11F, 1MC, 12Q, 13U, , 128, 17H, 1EM, 13Q and others.


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