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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro A100, A110, A200, A300, L300D, L300 Screen Replacement

Anybody who still own any of the Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Satellite Pro A100, A110, A200, A300, L300D, L300 laptops as I write this blog today the 11th of August 2011 will surely agree with me that the Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro A100, A110, A200, A300, L300D, L300 series notebooks have proved durability and value for their money - No Doubt!

In this tutorial I will show you comprehensively how to disassemble broken/cracked laptop LCD screens on Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro L300, A110, A200, A300, L300D, A100 laptop computer and replace it with new ones. This instruction is a regular instruction and can be used widely to replace broken screens on other laptop make/brands and models.

Before I start with the images and video on how to change and repair the laptop screens I will outline the faults and defects people face with display monitor panels in their notebooks.

Laptop Screens Defects and Solution Toshiba Laptop Series Screens Links

Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro Screen Has 
been dropped and the screen is cracked

With this problem you simply need a new screen.
Use the guide here to carry out the replacement.

Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro Screen is Flickering

If your Toshiba laptop screen is flickering this may
mean that the screen cable connected is defective.
Usually the display cable could develop a problem
at the hinges area because of the regular use and the
opening/closing of the Toshiba laptop lid. This is why
some people experience the flicker when the lid is
moved. Replacing the cable will solve this problem.

The flickering of a laptop screen can also be as a result
of the screen itself being defective. The tip is to replace
the broken screen as it is easier, eventhough more
expensive and then go ahead to replacing the screen
cable if that does not solve it.

Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro Screen Showing lines
and colours

Some have experienced lines after the laptop is dropped
by accident. If your Toshiba laptop screen is showing
lining and colour in the whole or some part of the LCD
then it could also be the cable or screen problem. The
screen is more likely to to be defective to cause the defects.
Use the instruction guide here to acquire a brand new
screen and replace the broken one.

Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro  Screen has lost its
backlight and has gone black/dark

This problem is more common than others. This is
caused by the screen inverter not working properly
of the screen backlight is broken. The inverter is
the small eletronic board at the bottom of the
screen. This part powers up the brightness of the
inverter and replacing it usually solves the problem.
But if replacing it does not then it is down to the
screen and display cable for you to change.

Toshiba Equium Series

Toshiba Equium A100 screen
Toshiba Equium A110 screen
Toshiba Equium A200 screen
Toshiba Equium A300 screen
Toshiba Equium L300 screen

Toshiba Satellite Series

Toshiba Satellite A100 screen
Toshiba Satellite A110 screen
Toshiba Satellite A200 screen
Toshiba Satellite A300 screen
Toshiba Satellite L300D screen
Toshiba Satellite L300 screen

Toshiba Satellite Pro Series

Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro A110 screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 screen


Toshiba Equium L20 screen
Toshiba Equium L40 screen

Toshiba Satellite L20 screen
Toshiba Satellite L40 screen

Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 screen

Toshiba Equium M40, M40X Screen
Toshiba Equium M70 Screen

Toshiba Satellite M40 Screen
Toshiba Satellite M70 Screen

Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 Screen
Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 Screen

The toshiba laptop screens series usually come with hyphenated numbers in the series like the ones listed below. Note that this does not affect the screen type in the laptop as they all come with one type of 15.4 WXGA TFT LCD Widescreen with resolution of 1280 x 800.

Fitting Instruction Images

Toshiba Satellite A200 With cracked Screen

The very first thing to do usually is to switch the laptop on and access the situation. You can also plug an external monitor to the laptop to make sure that your windows is still running before starting the repair.

Remove the laptop battery in every repair so as to avoid further damage when carrying out the screen removal.

Use a flat screwdriver to remove the plastic or rubber covering the screws in the bezel area.

Unscrew all the front screws from the laptop screen area. All these screws hold the plastic bezel to the screen back cover.

Remove the plastic bezel. The tip is to place your fingers between the screen and the bezel and start pulling on all sides until it gives. At the hinges area pull upwards to remove the bezel completely. The bezel is very thin and can snap if this is not well done. The trick is to do it firmly but carefully.

Pull the screen towards yourself carefully and start removing the sidescrews holding the screen to the brackets. If your Toshiba laptop has a camera this is the best time to disconnect it.

Please the Toshiba laptop screen face-down on the keyboard area and start the process of removing the display cable and inverter connection. At this point the screen part number will also be visible. Screens for the Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro A100, A110, A200, A300, L300D, L300 laptops usually a manufactured by Samsung, LG, AU Optronics, Chunghwa and Chimei and all are compatible and interchangeable.

Disconnect the inverter cable. As outlined in the table above, the inverter is the small electronic board which can be found at the bottom area of the bezel. The inverter provides startup and power to the flouresent backlight of the CCFL screen for the Toshiba laptop.

Toshiba Equium A200 Screen Removal Complete

At this point the screen removal process is complete. To install new Toshiba laptop screens continue the process but this time in reverse.

The Toshiba Equium, Satellite and Pro A100, A110, A200, A300, L300D, L300 laptops exact hyphenated numbers can be found at the bottom of the laptop. THESE NUMBERS DO NOT AFFECT THE SCREEN TYPES AS THE LINKS ABOVE WILL FIT ALL THE SERIES.

Below are other hyphenated numbers for some of the Toshiba laptop series

A100-02K, A100-147, A100-306 , A100-549, A100-337, A100-338, A100-027, A100-306 , A100-027, A100-01M, A100-147, A100-02L, A100-549, A100-062, A100-511, A100-02M, A100-011, A100-259, A100-451, A100-033, A100-064, A100-906, A100-596, A100-200

A110-276, A110-180, A110-152, A110-275,

A200-1V0 OR IVO, IV0, 1VO, A200-196, A200-26D, A200-26D, A200-15I, A200-151, A200-27U, A200-1DA, A200-1VG, A200-1RK, A200-1YO OR 1Y0, A200-1M5, A200-27R, A200-195, A200-27Z

A300D-16C, A300D-13X, A300D-16C, A300D-16C, A300-1BZ, A300-1M1, A300-1E7, A300-1MC, A300-1J1, A300-1EA, A300-1RY, A300-28R, A300-276, A300-1E0 OR 1EO, A300-1S8, A300-10M, L300D-20K,

L300D-12L, L300D-10B, L300D-11V, L300D-21U, L300D-13S, L300D-21X, L300D-12L, L300D-20K, L300D-202, L300D-12I, L300D-245, L300D-11N, L300-1DN, L300-1AS, L300-1AQ, L300-20D, L300-18D, L300-128, L300D-242

L20-197, L20-198, L20-102, L20-197, L20-217, L40-10U, L40-17M, L40-156, L40-10X, L40-14I OR 141, L40-10Z, L40-18Z, L40-17S, L40-139, L40-14N, L40-18Z, L40-15G, L40-17F, L40-12T, M40X-103, M70-337, M70-173, M70-339, M70-337, M40-237, M40X-233, M40-284, M70-169, M70-122, M70-394, M70-360

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