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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Samsung NP-R519, R520, R530, RF510, RF511, RV510, RV511 Screen Replacement

As one of the most popular laptops in the UK, Samsung laptops have proved durability and quality for your money. Like everyother laptops it is subject to accident and damages if not handled with utmost care. In this tutorial I will show you how to dismantle and replace a damaged/broken or flickering screen on 15.6 inch 16:9 Samsung NP-R519, R520, R530, RF510, RF511, RV510, RV511 notebook laptops.


Samsung RV510 Screen
Samsung RV511 Screen
Samsung NP-R519 Screen
Samsung R520 Screen
Samsung R530 Screen
Samsung RF510 Screen
Samsung RF511 Screen

Among the Samsung NP-R519, R520, R530, RF510, RF511, RV510, RV511 Laptop series, only the Samsung R519 laptop screen has been know to come with two backlight technology. Below I have outlined the LCD screens and the possible backlight types you may have in your laptop;

Samsung Laptop With Cracked Screen


Remove Samsung Laptop Battery

It is imperative to remove the laptop battery before starting the removal as ignoring this may result in the LED backlight malfunctioning.

Before starting the screen repair the first thing is to make sure you have found the right replacement screen for your Samsung laptop. At Laptop Screen Online you can get all the laptop screens you need for this job.

With a flat object or screwdrive remove the plastic or rubber screwcovers from the front of the screen bezel. This is where the screws holding it down can be found.

Remove the screws all aroung the plastic bezel.

Starting from the top put your fingers in the space between the Samsung screen and the plastic bezel and start pulling on all sides. Do this until the bezel comes free from its catches.

Pull the bezel upwards firmly to remove it completely from the laptop. Samsung laptop bezels are very fragile so this must be done with care. The trick is to pull firmly but carefully to avoid snapping the plastic bit.

Remove Samsung Side Screws

Pull the screen towards you slightly and remove all the side screws from the bracket. In this area some will come with three screws while others will come with four. This has been designed to hold the screen strong to the brackets.

Remove the screws and keep them safe. Use the image on the left as a guide.

Place the screen face-down on the keyboard. At this point you will be able to see the back of the screen. All the Samsung NP-R519, R520, R530, RF510, RF511, RV510, RV511 will have only one connector at the back. But the Samsung R519 screen this may come in two ways.

The image on the right shows that the screen is LED backlight screen.

If the NP-R519 laptop is the CCFL backlight technology type it will look like the one in the image on the right. The CCFL screens come with inverters at the bottom which powers up the brightness of the screen.

The next thing will be to disconnect the cable at the back of the screen. The connection is usually held down with clear tape. Remove the tape before disconnecting.

After all this you would have successfully removed the Samsung laptop display panel. To install a new monitor screen simpy continue the process but this time in reverse order.

Some of the Samsung laptops listed in this page will come with extra numbers at the bottom of the laptop. NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOW AFFECT THE SCREEN TYPE IN THE LAPTOP AS THEY ALL COME WITH THE SAME SCREENS.

Samsung NP-R519-JAE1UK, NP-R519-JAE2UK, NP-R519-JAE3UK, R519-JA01UK, R519-JA02UK, R519-JA03UK

Samsung NP-RV510-A1CUK, NP-RV510-A2CUK, NP-RV510-A3CUK, NP-RV510-A4CUK, NP-RV510-A5CUK, NP-RV510-A6CUK,

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Leave us a comment below.


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