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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

IBM Lenovo G550, G555, G560, G565, G570, G575, B550, Ideapad Z570 Replacing A Broken One

Unfortunately, laptop screens don’t last forever. And sometimes your laptop will continue to work for years to come if you simply replace your laptop LCD screen. So, how can you avoid having to but a completely new laptop? Thankfully now you can replace a IBM Lenovo G550, G555, G560, G565, G570, G575, B550 or Ideapad Z570 HD LED laptop screen inexpensively.

Order the right screen from the links below:

Lenovo G550 Screen
Lenovo G555 Screen
Lenovo G560 Screen
Lenovo G565 Screen
Lenovo G570 Screen
Lenovo G575 Screen
Lenovo B550 Screen
Lenovo Ideapad Z570 Screen

The below instruction can be used if your IBM laptop screen is cracked, broken, twitching, flickering, showing black/dark/blank or with bleed and lines. This tutorial can help in replacing damaged laptop screens on other laptop brands as well.

IBM Lenovo G560 Broken Laptop Screen

Remove IBM Laptop Battery

Remove the IBM laptop battery before starting the screen repair.

IBM Screw Cover

The IBM notebook has eight plastic or rubber screw covers on the front of the laptop display monitor. Use a flat object to remove all the covers to expose the screws underneath.

Remove Bezel Screw

Remove all the screws from the front plastic and keep them aside.

IBM Lenovo G560 Bezel

Place your fingers between the IBM laptop LCD screen and start pulling on all sides until the bezel comes off.

Remove Screen Side-screws

After removing the bezel pull the screen towards you and remove the side screws from the metal brackets holding it.

IBM Screen Part Number

Placing the screen facedown will reveal the screen cable and part number on the sticker at the back of the display panel. The part number for the screen can range from LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09 or LTN156AT15 made by Samsung, LP156WH4 or LP156WH2 made by LG Philips, B156XW02 made by AU Optronics, ChiMei Innolux screen N156BGE-L21. It will not matter the one supplied by the seller as all the mentioned 15.6 LED TFT screens work interchangeably and compatible.

LCD Panel Display Cable

To remove the display cable first peel of the cleartape holding it down before disconnecting.

Doing all the of above will help you only to remove the IBM Lenovo G550, G555, G560, G565, G570, G575, B550 or Ideapad Z570 screen. Install a new screen simply by continuing the same way but this time in reverse.

If you’re looking for a IBM laptop screen, you can get replacement screens for IBM Lenovo G550, Ideapad Z570, IBM Lenovo G560 and G565, G570, G575, B550 15.6 LED screen. Besides IBM laptop screens. To find the laptop screen that you need, select the model of your laptop from the list on Laptop Screen Online. You can usually find the model number on the bottom of your laptop, or sometimes also on a sticker that is placed on top of your laptop, near the keyboard.

Once you have found the product you need, you can select the currency type you want to view the price: British pounds, Euros, or American dollars. You will also be told whether the item is in stock or not. You can pay online safely using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or even Google Checkout.


Hi do you know if the screen bezels are compatible between the g550
And g570

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