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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Great Value Laptop Screens for Schools and Universities

Laptops are great for using in schools and other educational establishments because of their portability. They are particularly fantastic for using in one-to-one classes with children with special needs, as the interactivity stimulates the brain, and most children enjoy using the computer. Unfortunately, when a laptop is not your own it is often the case that it is treated with less care and the sad fact is that they often get broken. The good news is that it is often the screen which gets broken, and this is usually very easily replaceable. Laptop Screens Online supply Acer laptop screens and Toshiba laptop screens, as well as a large selection of other brands. With over 5,800 laptop screens in stock and an easy search facility by either laptop make or screen product number, you can be sure to find exactly what you need. If by any chance they don’t have what you require in stock, a quick call should be able to resolve this quickly.

All of Laptop Screen Online’s products are the genuine article and are brand new, not refurbished. So if you order replacement Acer laptop screens, that is what you will receive! For education and government establishments, there is a handy pdf order form on the home page to complete and VAT receipts are supplied with all orders. Every item that is ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday will be delivered the next working day (to the UK), and for outside the UK, delivery normally takes around 3-4 working days. If by any chance you are not happy or have order the wrong type of Toshiba laptop screen or other laptop screen, you can return the item within 7 days. What’s more, when returning an item there is no restocking fee, like many of their competitors.


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