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Saturday, 6 August 2011

E-Systems Sorrento 1 Screen Replacement And Repair

The E-Systems Sorrento 1 Sorrento one marketted by PC World, has raised the bar with its performance and stunning design. Like everyother modern laptops it is prone to damaging if not well taken care of or dropped by accident. In this tutorial you will learn how to disassemble and replace a broken/cracked LCD or flickering screen on an Ei Systems Sorrento 1 Laptop Notebooks. The E-System Sorrento 1 laptop screen is a 15.6 inch WXGA+ LED display with resolution of 1366 x 768 TFT.

The technique to removing the screen from the E systems laptops is very similar to many other laptops. Because many people do not know that a new screen is what it takes to fix a cracked one some have gone to an extent of discarding their laptops merely because they have developed cracks or the screen has gone dark. Esystems laptops and other notebooks with screen problems can be easily repaired by simply replacing the defective monitor panel with a new one.

E-System Sorrento 1 Laptop

Before starting any screen repair IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMOVE THE LAPTOP BATTERY to avoid compounding the problems in the laptops.

On the front of the laptop plastic bezel you will find six screw-covers. With the aid of a flat screwdriver remove the covers to expose the screws underneath.

Remove the six screws and keep them safe and seperate from the rest in this laptop screen repair process.

Removing the front screws will make it easy for the plastic bezel to come off the laptop. Simply place your fingers in the little space between the plastic bit and the screen and start pulling on all sides.

Now that the internal part of the screen is exposed unscrew all the screws holding the screen to the brackets and also the side screws to free it from the back cover.

Place the E-systems Sorrento screen facedown on the laptop keyboard and what will be left will be to disconnect the display cable.

At this point the cable behind the screen panel can be disconnected by peeling up the clear tape and pulling the connector away from oneself.

This is the way to remove the cracked screen from the Ei System Sorrento 1 Laptop computer. After removing that display cable, all is done and you will be ready to install a new one. All you need to do next will be to carry out the process in reverse.

If after looking at the instruction and you do not feel confident to dismantle your laptop I suggest opting for laptop screen repair service.


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