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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764, 17R Screen Replacement and Repair

As one of the most popular 17.3 inch widescreen laptop, the Dell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764 and 17R laptop notebooks has proved durability and great value in the computer world. The ell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764 and 17R laptops come with 17.3 inch W-LED Truelife TFT screen and in this tutorial I will show you how to disassemble and remove a cracked/broken or flickering screen on them.

Usually when a Dell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764, 17R notebook cracks the outer surface is intact but the internal LCD is seen to be cracked with black bleeds. This is shows a definite damage and the screen will need to be changed.

Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop With Broken Screen

Always find the right replacement laptop screen for your laptop before starting the repair.

Dell Inspiron 1750 screen
Dell Inspiron 1740 screen
Dell Inspiron 1764 screen
Dell Inspiron 17R screen

Four Ways to find out you need a new laptop screen

  • Dell inspiron laptop screen is flickering (A broken screen cable can also cause this problem)
  • Laptop screen is showing lines like pink, blue, white and black
  • Screen is dark and you can almost make out the windows running
  • Dell screen is cracked and bleeding after it is accidentally dropped

Remove the Dell laptop battery from the laptop before starting the screen replacement.

Use a flat screwdriver to remove the plastic covering the screws.

Remove the screws under the plastic covers.

Remove the front bezel by pulling it on all sides of the screen. Do this with care to avoid snapping it.

Remove all the screws from the bracket.

The back of the screen is now accessible and the display cable and screen part number can be seen on the back.

The laptop screens for Dell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764, 17R can range from Chimei, Samsung, AUO, Chughwa and LG Philips make.

People expect the screens to be manufactured by Dell. Dell only assemble these screens into the laptops.
Below are screen part numbers that may be found in your Dell Inspiron 1750, 1740, 1764, 17R notebooks;

Samsung LTN173KT01
LG Philips LP173WD1 (TL A1, A2 OR A3)
Chimei  N173O6-L02 Rev C1 OR N17306-L02
AU Optronics B173RW01 V.0 OR B173RW01 V.3
Chughwa  CLAA173UA01A

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Disconnect the screen display cable by first raising the cable catch.

At this point the Dell Inspiron 1740, 1764, 17R or 1750 laptop screen removal process is done. Install a new screen by following the proceedings in reverse.
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