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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dell Inspiron 1501, 1520, 1521, 1525, 6000, 6400, 1300 How to Change LCD Screen

The Dell Inspiron laptops are one of the earlier notebooks that made the mark for Dell in the past 6 years and since then Dell has been able to come up with fantastic durable and sleek laptops. In this tutorial I will show you how to dismantle and replace a cracked/broken or flickering LCD screen panel of Dell Inspiron 1501, 1520, 1521, 1525, 6000, 6400 and 1300 laptops. I will also show you how the backlight of the laptops plays an important role to the display monitor and it can be changed if if the screen backlight has gone.

I would like to go straight to showing you the replacement instruction but before that I will like to outline what problems you could face with Dell Inspiron 1501, 1520, 1521, 1525, 6000, 6400 and 1300 laptops and where to get the right screen.

Dell Inspiron Laptop Broken Screen
Problems you could face with your laptop screen display

  • Dell laptop screen dropped accidentally and the screen is cracked and shows bleeding,
  • Dell laptop screen is twitching or flickering,
  • Dell screen has gone dark or black: This can be solved by changing the screen inverter. Use the tutorial guide here as a guide.

LCD Screen Replacement Technique

Dell Inspiron Laptop Battery Removed

Before starting the repair remove the Dell laptop battery.

Remove Rubber Covers

With a flat screwdriver remove the 4 to 6 screw covers made of rubber or plastic depending on the model you have. Doing this will expose the screws holding the screen technology.

Remove Screws From Bezel

The next thing to do is to remove the screws from the screen plastic bezel. Keep these screws aside as they will be different from the rest in this screen repair.

Remove Plastic Bezel

Put your fingers between the screen and the bezel as shown in the image and start pulling on all sides until you remove the bezel. Do this with care to avoid snapping it.

Remove Dell Screen Side-screws

Pull the Dell screen carefully towards you and remove all the sidescrews. If you are unable to reach the side-screws at the bottom try unscrewing slightly, the screw at the bottom of the screen.

Place the broken screen face-down on the laptop keyboard area and now you will see the screen display cable, the inverter attached and the screen part number.

Display Cable: When this is faulty you may get lines and flickering of the screen.
Screen Inverter: If this is faulty the screen will be black while you can still make out the windows when shining a torch or looking properly.

Dell Screen Part or Model Number:
I will explain this properly. All 15.4 inch TFT WXGA laptop screens for most brands are generic and same. But for the Dell it is very unique and a screen with Dell Part Number must be replaced with the broken one.

Below are the part numbers;
0J796C, Y0316, 0X397H, KW001, XP059, R782G, 0R782G, 0XK309, D196J, 0D196J, HW663 and others

Additionally, there are also screen manufacturers part number which will look like the ones below. It is best to ask the laptop screen retailer before ordering the screen.

B154EW01, B154EW02, B154EW09, B154EW04, B154EW06 made by AUO
LTN154X3-l09 or l02, LTN154AT12-003, LTN154X2-L02, LTN154X1 Made by Samsung
LP154W01 TLF1, LP154WX4, LP154WX5 made by LG Philips
N154C1-L03, N154I1-L02, N154I2-L05 made by Chimei
CLAA154WB04, CLAA154WB11A, CLAA154WB08A, CLAA154WB11 made by Chunghwa

Place the Dell screen face-down

Remove Dell Screen Cable

The next job will be to remove the screen display cable connection to the screen. The connection is always held in place with a tape. Peel up the tape and diconnect. Some of the cable may not come with a tabe but will come with a clip/holder. You will have to press down on the two sides of the clip to disconnect the cable.

Disconnect Dell Inverter Cable

At the bottom of the screen the inverter is attached firmly. Remove the cable connection to the inverter.

Dell Laptop Screen

Doing the above you will have completely removed the defective or broken LCD screen from the Dell laptop.

Going Further if you have a backlight/inverter problem. HOW TO CHANGE THE DELL SCREEN INVERTER

Dell Inverter Removal Process

The backlight wire to the inverter is closed up together with a white tape. To start the process of the inverter replacement remove the white tape to expose the wires and the screw pinning down the inverter to the screen.

Remove Dell screen backlight cable

Remove the backlight wire connector from the inverter by puling. Use the image as a guide.

Unscrew Dell Inverter

Unscrew the screws holding the inverter to the LCD screen and keep it safe.

Dell inverter for LG Philips

If the screen is LG Philips it will come with a pinning mechanic. To remove the backlight inverter from the LG philips use a flat screwdriver. Put the screwdriver between the inverter and the screen and start wiggling. Wiggle only at the point where the pinners are.

At this point you will have successfully removed the screen inverter. To install a new one the same way it is removed.

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