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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Apple Macbook Air, A1237, A1342, Pro, Unibody Screen Replacement

Ever since the Apple Macbook was introduced into the market, everybody has had a soft spot for its thin/slim and light weight. But as amazing as it looks, there is no denying that the slightest drop to the floor will cause the screen to crack or start flickering. The Apple Macbook Air, Unibody and the Macbook Pro comes with really thin monitor display panels which if not well looked after will damage or end up with lines.


In this tutorial I will show you how to remove that damaged screen and replace it with a new screen. This is not an easy task but it is achievable by anyone if you put your mind to it.

This replacement instruction can be used for most of the thin Apple Macbooks. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS INSTRUCTION FOR THE REGULAR APPLE MACBOOK SCREEN REMOVAL INSTRUCTION.

The Apple Macbook Air, A1237, A1342, Unibody and the Macbook Pro notebooks come with 13.3 inch LED widescreens with aspect ratio of 16:9 Thunderbolt enabled display. It is important that the right replacement laptop screen is found before starting the Apple Macbook screen repair.

Apple Mabook With Broken Screen

First is to use a flat screwdriver to make a LITTLE space between the silver bezel and the back cover edge as in the image on the left.

Insert a flat plastic opening tool in the little space you have made. This LCD opening tool can be found at most shops like PC world. If you do not have one get a home made one.

Use this flat tool as an opener to separate the bezel from the Mac book back cover. The bezel is held down by a very, very strong gum so a bit of work is needed to remove the bezel. THE TRICK IS TO SLIDE THE OPENING TOOL DOWNWARDS as in the image.

Do the same to all sides of the laptop screen until the bezel starts coming free. Not doing this well will make it look like a bad repair so take good care.

When you get to the bottom of the bezel it is safe to use your fingers. Insert your fingers carefully between the screen and start pulling.

Front Cover Removal Technique

You will be able to remove the bezel without bending and damaging it if the instruction is carefully followed.

At this point you will be met with the internal part of the LCD display. Use a precision screwdriver to remove the tiny screws holding the screen. These are very small screws and they may bleed if the right screwdriver is not used.

Apple Macbook Screen Cable Removal

At the bottom of the screen you will find the screen connector cable. This is the only cable supplying all the data to the display. Disconnect the screen cable with the aid of a flat screwdriver.

Macbook Screen Removal Complete

The screen removal process is complete. The Apple Macbook Air laptop screen comes with screens with part number B133EW03 V.1 (Made By AUO) or N133I6-L01 (Made by ChiMei) while the Macbook Pro Unibody and the Macbook Pro screens have part numbers B133EW04 v.4, LTN133AT09 (Made by Samsung), LP133WX3-TLA2 (Made by LG Philips) and others.

To install a new screen continue the same process in reverse. After the screen cable is connected to the screen it is important to test that the screen is fully functional before covering it up and finishing.

Install A New Screen To Apple Macbook

Leave all comments and question in the comment box. Good luck!


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