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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Toshiba NB200, NB250, NB300, NB305, NB500, NB505, NB508BL Netbook Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial I will show you how to disassemble and replace a cracked/broken LCD screen on Toshiba NB200, NB250, NB300, NB305, NB500, NB505, NB508BL Netbook series. In this replacement instruction I am using one of the below laptop screens below;


Toshiba Netbook With Cracked Screen

The Toshiba NB200, NB250, NB300, NB305, NB500, NB505, NB508BL laptop comes with 10.1 inch LED screen with part numbers LTN101NT02, LTN101NT06, LP101WSA TLA1, B101AW03, N101L6-L01 and others. These numbers you will find at the back of the screen after it is removed from the laptop.

Remove Toshiba Netbook Battery

The very first thing is to remove the netbook battery before starting the replacement. Removing the battery must be done to avoid the laptop malfunctioning after the repair.

Remove Toshiba Netbook Screw Cover

Use a flat screwdriver remove the screw cover only from the two screws in the lower sides of the laptop and keep them safely. Note that for some of the Toshiba netbooks it is not necessary to remove the covers at the top as there are no screws there.

Toshoba Netbook Screw Removed

 Removing the screw covers will expose the screws. Use a precision screwdriver to unscrew them. Keep them safely.

By puting your fingers between the netbook screen and the plastic bezel and pulling towards you, release the bezel from its catches as in the image on the left.

Toshiba Screen Bezel

Do this carefully on all sides. This must be done with care to avoid snapping the plastic bezel.

Turn the laptop to ots side and remove the side screws as shown in the image on the right.

Disconnect Toshiba Camera Cable

Remove camera cable carefully. By holding the camera modula with one hand use the other to disconnect the cable.

Disconnect Toshiba Netbook Screen Cable

Place the face-down and diconnect the LED cable. ALWAYS NOTE THAT THE LED CABLE CONNECTION IS HELD DOWN WITH A CLEAR TAPE. Remove or peel up this tape before disconnecting.

At this point the laptop screen removal process is complete. To install a new screen carry out the replacement in reverse order.

Toshiba Netbook Screen Removal

The above replacement instruction can be used for the below problems;

  • Toshiba laptop is dropped by accident and the screen is cracked
  • Toshiba netbook has developed green, pink and blue lines accross it
  • Toshiba netbook screen has lost its backlight
  • Toshiba netbook is totally blank but when connected to an external monitor works fine
Always order the right laptop screen for your netbook.


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