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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Is My Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP Compaq, Samsung Laptop W-LED or CCFL LCD Screen?

You have just dropped your Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP Compaq or Samsung laptop and the screen is cracked. Now that you have the task of replacing the broken screen display panel, you have noticed that by looking at the screen it is hard to tell if it is really broken as the laptop screen glass looks intact but you can see it looks like the screen has black bleeds and lines in some parts of it eventhough you can still make out the windows running in the other parts. If you have this problem note that your laptop screen is DEFINITELY BROKEN and you will need a new one.

Now that we have settled that part the next thing is to find out if your laptop screen is LED or CCFL LCD. Most laptop notebooks made between 2009 to 2011 till late may come with LED or CCFL screens. The difficult part is there is no way to know for sure the exact type in the laptop without dismantling the laptop. Another problem is that both are totally not compatible with eachother.

I will show you in this blog how to find out if your Dell, Acer, HP Compaq, Toshiba or Samsung laptop screen is LED or CCFL before dismantling the laptop. I have not mentioned other brands in this blog as this only applies to Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP Compaq and Samsung laptops with 15.6 inch widescreen.

There are Three ways to find out. The first way is straight forward and it is to simple contact the laptop manufacturer with your service tag number and they will tell you.

The second way is OUR way...

Note that in this tutorial I am using Acer laptop to show the technique and this applies to the rest Dell, Toshiba, HP Compaq and Samsung laptops.

I will start by explaining a little about LED and CCFL screens differences.

The difference between an LED screen and CCFL is that the LED screen brightness is comes from LIGHT EMMITTING DIODES on the screen itself while the CCFL screen brightness comes from a very thin fluorescence lamp which is embedded at the bottom of the screen. The CCFL screen always needs an inverter to power and start up the screen lighting.


Our best tip of finding out the screen type in your laptop is to follow the image direction. First make sure that your laptop is switched off and remove the laptop battery.

Put your fingers between the screen and the plastic bezel and pull firmly. NOTE THAT THIS MAY BE HARD TO DO. YOU CAN USE A PLASTIC FLAT OBJECT TO DO THIS ALSO. Some of the laptops especially Dell Inspiron 1545 may come with very strong gum and you may need to pull a bit harder to seperate the plastic bezel from the screen.

In the image on the right above you will find that inside the bezel area lies a green electronic module. CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE. If your Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP Compaq or Samsung Laptop has this then it is CCFL type screen.

LED LCD Screen Type

As in the picture on the left if after seperating the bezel and the screen and all you find in the middle is a cable then your screen type is LED. It is that simple!


When you eventually dismantle the laptop screen area you will find the full difference between the LED and CCFL.

The Back of CCFL Screen

The CCFL screen will have have a ribbon cable connector area about an inch long and inverter wires going into the inverter as shown in the image on the right.

Back of LED Screen

At the back of the LED screen there is only one connector at the bottom area of the screen. The connector will ALWAYS be gold in colour. YOu can see that the screen is totally different from the other type.


As mentioned above there is a third way to find out but sometime this may not be certain. Most of the laptops come with labels on the right or left of the lower part of the keyboard and most of the time the screen type is mention on this label.

For the CCFL screen you may see something like 15.6" HD LCD Screen as in the image on the below.  If the screen is LED it will say something like 15.6" HD LED LCD.

Laptop Label

I hope this has helped you to spot the type of screen in your laptop. For questions and comments simply type it into the comment box below. Thank you for your attention!


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