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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Emachines E430, E442, E525, E527, E528, E625, E627, E630, E640, E728, E732, E732G, E732Z, KAWG0 Screen Replacement

Emachines quick LCD screen replacement. In this tutorial you will learn how to dismantle and replace a flickering or broken/cracked LCD screen on Emachines E430, E442, E525, E527, E528, E625, E627, E630, E640, E728, E732, E732G, E732Z, KAWG0 Laptop Notebooks series. The above Emachines series screen display panel comes with 15.6 HD LED or CCFL LCD widescreen.


You may need to change the screen or inverter of your Emachines E430, E442, E525, E527, E528, E625, E627, E630, E640, E728, E732, E732G, E732Z, KAWGO laptop if one of the below occurs;

  • Emachines laptop Screen Flickering
  • Accidentally dropping and cracking Emachines laptop screen
  • Emachines laptop Screen Showing lines and colours
  • Emachines laptop has lost its backlight
Emachines Laptop With Broken Screen

The one thing that is very important in this replacement is that some people will find out that their laptop looks like the one at the Acer screen replacement in our blog. This is because some of the laptops recently branded Emachines are made by Acer. Example are Emachines E442 and E430. If you have one of them the best thing is to follow the instuction at the Acer screen replacement.

The very first thing to do is to remove the battery from the laptop before starting the screen replacement.

Remove Emachines Laptop Battery

Next is to use a flat screwdriver to remove the screw covers from the plastic bezel as in the image below. The covers are made of plastic or rubber. Under the covers you will find the screws which must be removed as well.

Remove Screw Covers

After removing the screws put your fingers between the laptop screen and the plastic bezel and start pulling on all sides until the catches releases. This must be done firmly but carefully to avoid snapping the plastic bezel. Use the image below as a guide.

Remove Screen Bezel

At this point if your Emachines E430, E442, E525, E527, E528, E625, E627, E630, E640, E728, E732, E732G, E732Z or KAWG0 laptop comes with a camera, disconnect the cable by cafully holding the camera with one hand and using the other to disconnect the cable.

Disconnect Laptop Camera
Pull the screen towards you and unscrew all the screws on the two sides. Keep the screws separately from other screws from the laptop.

Unscrew Side Screws
If the lowers side of the side screws are hard to get to by following the image below unscrew the lower screws near the hinges area. Doing this will give you more room to unscrewing the ones from the hinges arms.

Place the screen face-down and this time you will see the cable connections at the back. The connection is held down with a clear tape. This tape must first be peeled up as in the image below.

Peel Clear Tape

After peeling up the clear tape you can now do the disconnection of the cable. If your laptop is an Emachines E442, E430, G640 and G725, you will find out you may have a 15.6 or 17.3 LED instead of the CCFL. The connection will look different from the CCFL type. I have included a picture of the LED and its connection.

For LED as below

Next is to disconnect the inverter backlight cable at the bottom of the screen. The inverter provides power to the screen backlight. If the inverter is damaged, the screen will work but there will be no lighting. Disconnect the backlight cable to finally free the screen from the laptop.

If your laptop comes with LED as the Emachines E422, E430, G640 and G725 will sometimes come with the backlight wires and inverter will not exist.

For the CCFL screens first unscrew the inverter screw and disconnect the cable.

Unscrew The Inverter

At this point the screen removal process is complete. To install a new screen carry out the proceedure in reverse order. Do not forget to reconnect the camera. Good Luck!

Screen Removal Complete
Sometimes it is best to look at this instruction first before carrying out the replacement but without knowing the screen type in your laptop it is better to dismantle the laptop, remove the screen and with the part number at the back source the right screen from Laptop Screen Online. 


Excellent instructions! I replaced my screen in about 10 minutes. Everything is working perfectly.

probably one of the most straightforward set of instructions online. Thnak you!!!

Where can I buy just the Inverter board please.

I suggest searching google for it.

The e732 doesn't seem to have anything hiding the screws-any ideas??

Not sure if this is still relevant, but down in the bottom 2 corners of the laptop, there are small circles which are screw covers, use scissors or a flat screwdriver to life it, the rest of the screen can be carefully pulled off. It took me a few minutes of sitting here fiddling with the screen to find it

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