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Monday, 4 July 2011

Dell Inspiron 15R, N7010, N5010, N5110, N5030, M5010, M5030 Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial you will learn how to disassemble and replace a broken or cracked LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 15R, N7010, N5010, N5110, N5030, M5010, M5030 Laptop Notebooks. You can also use this instruction to fit a new screen if you have noticed your screen flickering or you can see defect lines on it. The Dell Inspiron 15R, N7010, N5010, N5110, N5030, M5010, M5030 laptop come with 15.6 inch HD WLED display monitor panel.


Before starting the screen replacement make sure you have the right screen to install.

Broken Dell Screen

Select the right Dell Inspiron laptop series from the link below;

Dell Inspiron 15R Replacement Screen
Dell Inspiron N5010 Replacement Screen
Dell Inspiron N5110 Replacement Screen
Dell Inspiron N5030 Replacement Screen
Dell Inspiron M5010 screen
Dell Inspiron M5030 Replacement Screen
Dell Inspiron N7010 Replacement Screen

You can find others replacement screens at Laptop Screen Online.

Remove Laptop Battery

First and important thing is to remove the Dell laptop battery before starting the replacement. Please note that static charges could damage the backlight of the new screen if the battery is not removed before the repair.

The Dell Inspiron 15R, N7010, N5010, N5110, N5030, M5010, M5030 laptop mostly will not come with any screws in the bezel. All that is needed to remove the bezel is to put your finger between the screen and the plastic bezel and pull carefully until it released. Do this on all sides of the laptop.

The bezel of the Dell Inspiron 15R, N7010, N5010, N5110, N5030, M5030 notebook are very fragile and pulling too hard may snap it. So the best trick is to pull firmly but not too hard.

By successfully removing the bezel you the internal part of the screen is now accessible. At the top two sides of the screen remove the screws holding it to the back cover and keep them safely.

On the two bottom sides there will be 2 or 3 screws. Unscrew them to free the screen arms totally from the back cover.

At this point the screen can now be lowered to reveal the screen cables and LED connection. This area must be handled with care.

On the two sides of the screen remove all the screws holding the screen to the hinges arms and keep them safely.

Place the screen face-down and disconnect the Led cable. Note that sometimes this connection is held down by a clear tape. Raise and peel the clear tape with a flat screwdriver before disconnecting the cable.

The screen removal process is now complete. To install a new screen simply carry out the whole process backward (in reverse order).


My suggestion is for you to use the video instuction at

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