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Friday, 1 July 2011

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Screen Replacement

Here you will learn how to disassemble and replace a damaged screen on Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Notebook using a Dell Insipiron 1545 replacement screen. The Dell Inpsiron 1545 laptop comes with 15.6 inch W-LED or CCFL LCD widescreens. This tutorial can be used for many other Dell Laptops including Dell Inspiron 15R, Dell Inspiron N5010, Dell Inspiron N5030, Dell Studio 1555 and others.


Before carrying out this replacement look through the instruction shown here before starting. This way you can determine if you are comfortable with disassembling your laptop and carrying out the job. Also order the right Dell Inspiron Laptop Screen at Laptop Screen Online or any other reliable screen supplier.

Dell Inpiron 1545 Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop series come in LED or CCFL LCD so most of the time is advisable to dismantle the screen area first, know the type of screen before ordering from a supplier or use the service tag number at the bottom of the laptop, call Dell Technical Support directly and ask them.

Remove Dell Laptop Battery

The very first and important thing is to remove the laptop battery first before the screen replacement. Most Dell Inspiron 1545 notebooks can easily loose their LCD backlight capability if the static charge left on the laptop still exists during the screen installation. So the best practice is to remove the battery from the laptop and press the power button once or twice to clear the excess charges in the laptop.

Remove Screwcover

On the four corners of the screen area you will find the screw covers, remove them with a flat screwdriver to expose the screws.

Remove Screws

Unscrew the four screws after removing the covers. Keep the screws safely and seperate them from the any other screws from the laptop.

Remove Screen Bezel

Next is to put your fingers between the plastic bezel and the screen as shown in the picture on the right and pull gently until the catches holding the bezel releases. This must be done carefully to avoid snapping the plastic bezel.

Bezel Removed Completely

The Dell Inspiron 1545 screen replacement can be a bit hard for some people so if at this point you where unable to take the bezel out the best thing is to leave it the way it is and get a technician to finish the job.

Remove Screen Side Screws

Next is to pull the screen towards you a little and remove the screws on the sides. Keep this screws seperately to avoid mixing it with others.


Place the screen face-down on the keyboard area and disconnect the cable connector at the back of the screen as in the images here.

Remove Screen Cable

The ribbon cable connection must be removed with care. Sometimes the LED connection may be held down with clear tape. Peel up the clear tape and pull the connection apart carefully.

After all these the screen removal process is complete. To install a new screen carry out the instruction is reverse order.  Always order the right replacement laptop screen for your Dell laptop.

Screen Removal Completed


the dell inspiron LCD is 15.6", does it happen to be a problem if i replace my Dell broken LCD with a Acer 15.4" LCD ?

You will not be able to use a 15.4 to replace the 15.6 inch of the Dell Inspiron 1545 as they are very different in size. You will need a new 15.6 screen.

I can't get the connector back in eventhough it is the right match. What is the trick? Please help

I cant get the screen connector on the dell inspiron n5030 to fit eventhough it is the right match. What is the trick?


My suggestion is for you to use the video instuction at

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