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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Best Selling Screens of 2011

Laptop computers are now more popular than desktops. This is not surprising considering the recent advances in laptop performance. It is now possible to get a desktop experience on a portable advice, which is obviously a “win win.”

Laptop brands are performing better than ever, and despite competition from the tablet market, for many brands, and especially those who have embraced tablet computing also, 2011 has been a profitable year.

With strong laptop sales also comes strong sales of laptop screens. At we like to stay ahead of everything that’s happening in the world of laptop screens and that is why we are able to offer all of the top selling replacement screens, such as replacement dell laptop screens and acer laptop screens.

According to information taken from the Laptop Screen Online, the highest selling screens were those for the Acer aspire series of laptops. Acer has always been a leading brand in laptop computing, and that is why we stock lots of models of acer laptop screen.

Other brands like Asus, Advent and Dell all saw high sales of laptop screens. We also stock screens for all these brands of laptops and more, including netbooks screens for smaller laptops like the  Asus EEE PC series. 

Even if you’re laptop screen isn’t a common or recent model, there’s still a good change that we stock it. Searching for a compatible screen couldn’t be easier, just input your model or part number and away you go.


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