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Friday, 22 July 2011

Acer Extensa 5235 Screen - Have You Cracked Yours?

Have you dropped your Acer Extensa 5235 laptop and the screen is damaged/cracked or flickering? This is a problem many is facing at the moment.

All the Acer Extensa 5235 Laptop screens can be incredibly fragile and can succumb to breakages easily even in at the slightest drop to the floor.  If your Acer Extensa 5235 screen happens to become damaged, it does not mean that you will have to pay out a lot of money on a new laptop notebook. Laptop screens cost a fraction of the cost of a new laptop and can easily be self-installed in under an hour depending on who is handling it. This is the perfect way to repair your laptop on a budget.

Some people may panick when their screen cracks as they may think it is over and a new laptop can only solve their problem.

Even with very little technical knowledge, you should be able to get to grips with replacing Acer Extensa 5235 LCD screen.  For most laptops, a set of Precision screwdrivers should is all that is needed. Start by removing the small plastic caps found around the bezel of the existing broken display. The screwcovers can be found on corners of the plastic bezel of the screen and under them are the screws that holds the bezel to the back cover. Gently remove the screws with the screwdriver and keep them in a safe place.

The next thing will be to remove the bezel around the screen.  This is easy and should come away when you slide a flat-headed screwdriver underneath it and pull on all sides.  Don’t force it as this could cause damage.  You can then remove the screws in the metal bracket (hinges arms) surrounding the screen, and carefully move the screen away, resting it a piece of cloth on your keyboard.  You can then carefully unplug the display cable and the inverter.  The new Acer Extensa 5235 replacement screen can be installed simply by following these steps in reverse order. For visual guide go to Acer Extensa 5235 screen replacement instruction.

If after looking at all this and you feel unconfortable about taking apart your laptop then I suggest gettiing a laptop repair technician to carry the job out for you. Shop around for a reasonable price for the repair before deciding.


Do all these models use the same screen?

Yes. All the Acer Extensa 5235 Laptops come with the same 15.6 LED LCD screen.

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