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Saturday, 16 July 2011

3D Laptop Screens

Laptop screens have come a long way since the days of PC monitors. Nowadays they deliver high resolution and extreme clarity computing, perfect for running games or movies. The technology of a laptop screen has far from reached its limited, and advances are being made specifically in terms of 3D laptop screens.

3D technology has been with us for decades, however it is only in recent years, and with the advent of 3D movies, that 3D has become truly popular. So much so it is gradually becoming the industry standard on the big screen, and is even becoming more and more popular on the small screen.

Achieving a 3D effect isn’t easy, and it is achieved through the polarization of light. It’s no surprise then, that 3D laptop screens are a very new technology and only very recently have leading brands like Dell or Acer begun to foray into the 3D market.

True the technology still isn’t perfect, and for some models, like Sony’s F series the use of polarization glasses is required. For other models like Acers first 3D screen, the 3D effect can disappear unless you are sat directly in front of the computer. 

For now, most of us have non-3D screens. If your screen ever needs replacing then at we stock all sorts of models, so you’re bound to find a high quality replacement.  For instance, we stock dell replacement screens or Toshiba laptop screens, all of the leading brands at the best prices.


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