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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

On the Go Laptop Care Advice

Our area of expertise is, of course, replacement laptop display for big brand names like Acer, Samsung, Toshiba and Dell laptops screens. However, we’re also a company founded on a lifelong passion for computer technology, information and care.

Laptops and netbooks can go pretty much everywhere these days. The odds of catching a bit of Wi-Fi on a camping trip in Snowdonia are pretty good, and where would we be without a little laptop-bound entertainment on the commute?

Simply put, laptops and netbooks travel A LOT, so here are a few simple tips to make sure your laptop display, housing and internal components travel safely, securely and free from damage.

Invest in a decent laptop bag that can carry all relevant peripherals too. It might sound elementary, but finding the right bag for your needs can make all the difference. For example, folks who cycle to work have very different protection requirements for their Dell laptop screens and netbooks to those who frequently travel by plane. It could pay to source a bag that doesn’t look entirely like a standard laptop case in terms of crime prevention.
Never travel with disks in relevant drives or USB connectors plugged in.
Keep your laptop away from metal detectors (X-ray machines are fine)
Carry a light, easy to use laptop stand. It’ll mean you can use your laptop on uneven or textured surfaces without hindering the heat transfer system.
Think about shock absorption. A laptop mat or padded stand could significantly reduce the stress of movement on your laptop.


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