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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Laptop Display Cleaning and Care Advice

With the right cleaning and care a laptop display could last for many years. Of course, accidents happen, drinks are spilled, and sometimes the kids might boot a football across the home office and right through the very latest model from Toshiba laptop screens!

First off, things to stay well away from on the quest for long laptop screen life. Wet towels meant for an entirely different purpose e.g. facial cleansing wipes or baby wipes. This type of wet wipe will simply push the dirt around the screen and leave a damp film behind. Also steer clear of synthetics like polyester cloths. Paper towels can leave scratches, so leave them in the kitchen where they belong!

If you’re opting for a DIY job rather than buying specialist products, go for something 100% cotton. Old clothes, bedding etc. could make an ideal budget cleaning tool.

There are plenty of specialist products out there to keep your Toshiba laptop screens in top condition. The most popular purpose-made cloths tend to be made from anti-static fabric (like the ones you get free with new glasses) They remove grime and dirt without the need for any extra cleaning components.

In cases where stubborn dirt removal is the issue, isopropyl alcohol-infused micro-fibre cloths can offer fantastic cleaning capability. Just be sure that the product you buy is specifically recommended for use on laptops screens. It’s also possible to buy isopropyl alcohol/distilled water solution for laptop screens if you prefer to apply the liquid to a compatible micro-fibre cloth yourself.


you say baby wipes just push the dirt around the screen but can they actually damage the laptop screen? iam only asking because a friend has used baby wipes on his laptop screen, but hes only done it once could that have caused damage or will that only happen if you continue to use them after a long time? think hes a bit concerned now. any help would be appreciated.

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