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Thursday, 30 June 2011

HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial you will learn how to replace a broken screen on HP Pavilion DV6 series and others using Hp Pavilion DV6 replacement screen. The HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop series come solely with 15.6 inch widescreens with resolution of 1366 x 768. This laptop screen replacement instruction can be used for many other HP and Compaq notebooks including Hp Pavilion DV7, HP G60, G61, Compaq Presario CQ60 and CQ61 and others.


The very first thing to do is to get the right HP DV6 Laptop Screen at Laptop Screen Online or any other reliable screen supplier. This replacement instruction can be used for but not limited to the series; DV6-1210SA, DV6-2010SA, DV6 2112SA, DV6-1250, DV6-2114SA, DV6-1340SA, DV6-1211SA, DV6-3110SA, DV6-2030SA, DV6-1131EA, DV6-3125SA, DV6-3111SA, DV6-2114SA, DV6-2010TX, DV6-1330SA, DV6-1140EA, DV6-2113SA.

Hp DV6 Laptop Broken Screen

Always order the right screen for your laptop. The HP DV6 series screen can be a tricky LCD screen to find as it may come in CCFL, LED bottom right connector or LED bottom left connector screen type. It is best practice to ask the screen supplier about this before ordering if you are not sure.

Remove Laptop Battery

The very first thing is to remove the laptop battery before starting the screen replacement. Failure to do so may result in damaging the screen or the laptop during installation.

Remove Plastic Screwcover

HP DV6 laptops come solely with two screws on the outside bezel area. Remove the screw cover with the aid of a flat screwdriver as shown in the picture on the left.

Remove laptop screw

Removing this covers on both sides at the lower part of the laptop will expose the two screws. Simply use a precision screwdriver to unscrew the them.

Pull Screen Bezel

As per the image on the right simply put your fingers between the plastic bezel and the laptop screen, pull towards you to release the bezel from the laptop. Do this carefully on all four sides of the bezel. Most people may find it a bit hard to pull but a little bit of pull needs to be applied for a successful replacement. There will be an occasional clicking sound coming from the bezel and this is caused by the release of the clips holding it together bezel to the laptop.

Remove two top screws 

After the plastic bezel is successfully removed this will expose the internal part of the laptop screen area. At the top part of this area you will fine two screws holding down the hinges arms to the laptop. Unscrew them and keep the screws separate.

Hinge Arm

Next is to pull the screen towards you a little and remove the screws on the sides of the hinges arms. Do this on both sides of the laptop. This arm is designed as the main structure holding the screen together. This arms also aids the opening and closing of the laptop after use.

The Internal Part The Laptop Screen

Removing the side screws exposes the back of the laptop screen. Place the screen face-down on the keyboard area to give good access to the screen ribbons and cables.

Screen Cable Removal

Now you can see the screen cable and the connections. The screen we have in the tutorial is LED and comes only with one connector which will be at the bottom left or right depending on you DV6 type. This connection is held together by a clear tape which you will need to peel off (up) first.

Screen Ribbon Cable Removed

To disconnect the cable from the connection you will need to pull away from you as in the picture on the left. This must be done very carefully as not doing it right may cause a damage to the cable.

The Hp DV6 screen removal process is complete. To carry out a new screen installation simply carry out the instruction is reverse.

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