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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

How to Repair a Laptop Screen

Laptop screens are quite susceptible to breakages.  Having something wrong with your laptop’s screen can be devastating, leaving you without the device you rely so much on.  But damage or flaw to laptop screens needn’t mean that you have to fork out for a new computer.  Depending on what’s wrong, laptop screen repair can be quite simple.

One of the most common problems with laptop screens is faulty pixels.  Faulty pixels are black, white or coloured spots that appear on laptop screens.  While not affecting your laptop’s function, they can be incredibly distracting when you are working on it.  It is possible for faulty pixels to be repaired by rapidly turning them off and on again.  This can be done with specific pixel repair software.

Any kind of flicker or stripes on laptop screens may not be a problem with the screen itself; it could be down to a fault with your computer.  A simple way to test this is to connect an external monitor to your laptop.  If the fault appears on this monitor, then the fault is down to your computer rather than the screen.  You may have to repair your video card or replace the cable that connects the screen to the system board.

If you are unable to repair your screen yourself, you may have to invest in a replacement.  Replacement laptop screens are very easy to install; you can do it yourself within an hour.  And it’s a much more cost effective solution than buying a new laptop.


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