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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

How modern laptops protect themselves

Cutting-edge laptops and netbooks may look slim and delicate, but manufacturers put a lot of effort into making them tough enough to stand up to everyday usage, travel, and even the occasional serious knock. One way they do that is to make the laptop display almost a separate unit, so if that bit does get damaged, it can be replaced without the need for a whole new computer. Screens will always be fragile, but if they break, it's not the end of the machine.

If a Dell laptop LCD screen has a crack in it, the CPU and all the other important and expensive components may be fine. They're hidden away under the keyboard, not behind the screen.

Most laptops produced today also have accelerometers. If a computer is switched on and it gets dropped, the clever accelerometer notices the sudden fall and sends a message to the computer, triggering an immediate power cut. If it's quick enough the laptop will be shut off before it hits the ground. There will be no electricity flowing through the delicate electronics at the moment of impact and the chance of serious damage will be significantly reduced.

Modern laptops are sometimes surprisingly good at surviving accidents, although there are limits. We sell a wide range of replacement Dell laptop screens and displays for other brands, and a whole variety of other parts. Even if your laptop has been dropped down stairs or tipped off a table while switched on it may still be fixable with the right parts.


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