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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Finding the right screen to fit your laptop

It's relatively easy to tell whether you need to be looking at Toshiba or Acer laptop screens, but beyond that it can be difficult to identify the exact model that will suit your computer best. They range from tiny netbook displays to 17" luxury widescreen models, and each one is designed to mesh with a fairly specific computer. Knowing the model name isn't quite enough- there is a world of difference between replacement Dell laptop screens to fit old Inspirons and those that suit the brand new version.

Finding the exact model number is usually pretty easy. Some laptops and netbooks list it above or below the screen or just above the keyboard. If you can't see it when the laptop is open, check underneath. There is often a sticker with all the serial numbers, part numbers, and technical details on it. That'll give you all the information you need to order the precise screen to fit your machine. Part numbers are usually labelled as such but, if f you're in any doubt as to which number you need, we provide information on this website to help you.

There is no need to measure your screen or take the laptop apart. A Dell laptop LCD screen with the right part number will automatically be the right size, so there is no problem there. We keep a wide range in stock and ordering through Laptop Screen Online is quick and simple. We also provide full installation instructions with all our replacement screens.

Below are some of the Acer Laptop Screens We stock at Laptop Screen Online


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