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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Big Brand Laptop Screen Replacement That’s Kind to Your Pockets

No matter how careful we are, there’s always the chance of a spilled coffee, an ill-timed misstep (that results in you searching for Dell replacement screens on our website!) or an errant meteorite causing damage to a laptop display!
One of the main reasons we set up Laptop Screen Online was because of a significant trend towards laptop damage being focussed around laptop displays.  Our international service provides brand name solutions from the likes of Toshiba, Apple, IBM, Sony and Dell replacement screens.

One of the central points behind our low price promise is that we know how easy it is to fit a laptop screen, even for a layman. We’ve tried to make installation instructions as simple to understand as possible, and we know how a picture can say a thousand words, hence the detailed installation photos and guidelines on our “Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions” webpage.

We can keep costs down because we’re not sending a specialist out to perform a task you can do yourself. Even in the case of folks who might not be confident installing the replacement screen themselves, we understand that a lot of you have family and friends who are fairly tech-savvy. Put simply, we know you don’t want to pay extortionate prices for something your fourteen-year-old niece could do for you!

If you’re having trouble identifying which laptop screen you need or understanding your particular laptops screen needs, head over to our “Contact Us” webpage and get in touch with a Customer Service Representative.


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