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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back-Up Data Regularly Just in Case

Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Compaq and even Acer laptop screens may come and go, but the work you do, the projects you complete and the media you catalogue could be irreplaceable. Backing-up data tends to be one of those things that ends up being put off “for later” (like replacing the batteries in the TV remote or cleaning out the gutters!) We’re a computer technology-based company, which means we’re fanatical about things like laptop display care, keeping up to date on the latest component technologies and – of course – backing-up.
A very wise person once said that there are only two types of internal hard drive – one that’s about to break... and one that’s broken! Backing-up data in more than one place is simple, and could present the best type of insurance for your particular needs. Fancy losing your entire thesis? Or starting from scratch on a project brief you’ve been toiling over for three months?
So, what are the options? External hard drives tend to be the back-up medium of choice for most folks. These days you can get 1TB for around the £50 mark online. Most computers contain simple-to-use back-up programmes to help layman users back-up easily.
CDs and DVDs are available in both permanent and re-writable format. Permanent data products tend to be cheaper, and certainly present the better option if you want to make sure your data can’t be erased.
Although we can’t make sure you back-up your data, we can provide laptop display advice and big brand replacements from the likes of Advent, Sony and Acer laptop screens.


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