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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Apple Macbook Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial I will show you how to disassemble and replace a broken screen on Apple Macbook Laptop and others using an Apple Macbook replacement screen. The Apple Macbook notebooks come in 13.3 and 17.1 inch widescreens. This laptop screen replacement instruction can be used for many other Apple laptops including Apple Macbook A1181, Apple Macbook Air, Apple Macbook Unibody, Apple Macbook MB402LL/A, Apple Macbook Pro, Apple Macbook A1185 and others.


The very first thing to do is to get the right Apple Macbook Laptop Screen at Laptop Screen Online or any other reliable screen supplier.

Apple Macbook Broken Screen
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Note: Before carrying out this replacement please have a look at the tutorial first and see if it is something you are comfortable doing. If you are not sure my advice is to pay a computer technician for the job.

Remove Laptop Battery

First, with the aid of a coin remove the Apple laptop battery. CLICK ON ANY IMAGES IN THIS BLOG TO ENLARGE IT.

Removing the battery is very important to the screen replacement as failure to do this may result in damaging the laptop.

Remove Screen Bezel

The next thing is to remove the plastic bezel of the screen. By putting your fingers between the plastic bezel and the laptop screen pull gently to release the bezel from its catches. This should be carefully done to avoid snapping it. Use the image on the left as a guide.

Bezel Removal Completed
Remove Screen Bezel Clips

Apple Macbook bezels are very fragile and will easily snap if this process is not carefully carried out.

After removing the plastic bezel turn it around and remove the clips that holds it to the body of the laptop. Use any flat object or flat screwdriver for this.

Replace The Bezel Clips

After removing the clips that may have come off with the bezel you must now put them in place in the area where they should be as in the picture on the left shows.

Remove Screws

Next is to remove only the screws that holds the metallic framing to the back cover. The images should guide you.

Screws Removal

Please note that only the right screws should be unscrewed and these screws must be kept together seperately as they are very different in size to any other screws in the laptop. Use the images on the right.

Move The Screen Metallic Framing

Next is to place a flat object between the screen metallic framing and the back cover as in the image on the left and move the metallic framing away from the back cover.

Three Screws From Inverter Cover

Next is to unscrew the screws at the inverter plastic cover at the laptop hinges area. This screws must also be kept seperately to avoid mixing them up
with others.

Close the Apple notebook and place it vertically on the table and use a flat object to free the plastic inverter cover from the laptop. You should simply just pass the flat object up and down the small line fitting as in the image on the left.

Put a flat screwdriver into the side of the plastic inverter cover and push up until the cover is released from its fitting. Please note that this area harbours the screen inverter so this must be carefully done.


Now move the screen and its metallic framing towards you. The job now is to disconnect the screen from the metallic framing. The screen is held to the framing by little screwdrivers.

Use the image on the left to guide you through where the screws holding the screen and the metallic framing are. Unscrew them and keep them seperately.

By moving the wires on the sides of the metallic framing you will find the screws to unscrew on the sides of the laptop screen.

Place the Apple Macbook screen face-down on the keyboard area and remove all tapes holding the screen cable and camera cable.

Remove the screen cable connection at the back of the screen and also remove the cable connection to the camera. Carry this out with utmost care.

Remove the camera cable carefully. At this point the screen removal procedure is almost complete.

Remove Cable From Inverter

At the hinges area disconnect the lamp cable from the inverter by pulling it out. The job of the screen inverter is to provide power to the lighting of the laptop screen.

After all this process the screen removal process is complete and successful. To install a new screen simply carry out the replacement procedure in reverse order.

Laptop Screen Removal Completed
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