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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The ABCs of Replacing the Damaged Screen of a Laptop

Okay, you had triped and injured yourself. In the process, you also dropped the laptop that you were carrying at that point in time. As a result of the fall, the laptop screen is now broken and you cannot see any display, only cracks, lines and black bleeds. So, what are the options you can consider?

First of all, before you end up paying for the laptop replacement screen , find out if it is indeed the problem with the screen and not the system. You can determine this by connecting your notebook to an external monitor and seeing if it works. If it cannot see the windows running in the external monitor, then it is the problem with your notebook. However, if you can, you can be sure that the screen has been damaged.

Before you purchase the laptop replacement screen, you will need some details such as the make and model of your laptop so you buy the one that is compatible with your notebook. Not taking these details into consideration when making your purchase can end up with you buying some screen that will not work with your notebook.

Next, you have to replace the screen. Rather than taking the notebook and the laptop replacement screen to the service center, you can use the replacement video below this article. There are also many helpful websites that provide information about replacing the damaged screen. Following the instructions carefully will help you fix the screen and get working at the earlies.

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